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On a Mission

Sometimes, often, the difference between merely existing and truly living is feeling on purpose. We are all here for good reason. What if we held  the thing we love most to do in this world, the thing we most value, as our mission? 
What is the mission for your life?

Susan DuMett and Inѐs Andrade-Maricle
Luminosas focus on the power and beauty of the human voice as a means for healing and transformation


Ah, Love! One thing we know, no matter what, we love. Even when we have been terribly wounded and our hearts have been broken, we still love. We can’t help ourselves. We love. We are wired to love. Our love can be familial, or romantic, or altruistic, it can be pristine, it can be tainted, it can be conditional, it can be wary, it can gush, it can trickle, but still we love. And that, I believe, is because we are made of that precious stuff!


All Aboard

Jan. 1 is merely another day on the continuum.
And yet the new year brings a sense of beginnings, of starting over.
There's another train. There always is.
All aboard!

A Sense of Wonder

The year draws to a close and Winter brings a time of deep reflection. The beauty of the season elicits a great sense of wonder about the resiliency of the human spirit, about holding steady during stormy times, and the power of love to heal our hearts.



It is our nature to want to belong, to feel a part of a family, clan or tribe. 
But what do we do when we don't feel we belong? 
How can we shift our experience of isolation into an experience of gratitude? 
Join with us this Sunday morning as we reflect on 'belonging'. 
Prepare your heart for joyfulness as the coming holiday season draws near.

Being Mortal

Why is it that the one thing we know for sure, that someday we will die, is the thing about which we most attempt to stay in denial? As Samhain draws near, please join us and reflect on how embracing our mortality makes for the best kind of living!

News:  Starting in January 2016, Gaia's Temple will offer two services each month, on the 2nd and 4th Sundays, and a community-oriented gathering on the evening of the 3rd Wednesday.  Please stay tuned and check out www.gaiastemple.org for more information in the coming weeks.


Autumn returns with her cool, gentle pull.
The long days of summer she'll steal.
Then she fills our hearts with a harvest of plenty
As we turn toward the dark half of the Wheel...

Celebrate a decade and a half of worship in Gaia's Temple!
Come to experience the magick of a trance-like journey as we prepare to enter the dark half of the Wheel of the Year together!


The ripening of the year is upon us. As the harvest begins, we do well to prepare for the coming seasons of fallow. Discernment is needed: What will we need, what is not necessary? What must we continue to tend, what must we sacrifice for our higher vision of life? 



What would life be like if, regardless of our circumstances, we governed ourselves as our own ultimate authority? (Because we are.) Are you sure you don't have a choice? (Because you do.) Blessed be the freedom to choose!

We equate bravery with strength, boldness, and too often, aggression. Spiritual bravery is born of the courage to allow our full hearts to remain open, often vulnerable, yet fully present. How can we do this in the face of our fear? 

We'll also celebrate Father's Day by honoring all the men 
who attend this special service. Come and get your rose, Gentlemen!

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