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On the Vernal Equinox, day and night are of equal length, Sun and Moon hold equal sway, God and Goddess are equally matched.  How might we find and strike that balance in ourselves, in our relationships, in our world? 

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In A Relationship

At Imbolc, when initiations and dedications are the tradition, we acknowledge where we are spiritually and work with the energy of emerging Spring to spark our intentions that they may burn steadily and brightly as the Wheel of the Year continues to turn. We seek to emulate Bridget’s flame that will energize and keep our promises ardently alive!

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Time to Start Living

Oh, it's time to start living!

Time to a little from the world we're given. Time to take time,

for Spring will turn to Fall

in just no time at all! 

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Passageway to Light

As Yule approaches, we celebrate the return of the growing light and honor the Great Cosmic Mother as She labors to bring the Sun to glorious birth. In alignment with nature, we ask ourselves what light we wish to spark and bring to the world. And in doing so, how will we make our way through the passageway to light?

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A Helping Hand

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, a time to offer our gratitude for our blessings. How might we raise the level of our gratitude?


Choose to offer a helping hand! 

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Our Ancestral Roots

The veil grows thin between the world of the living and the world of the dead as Samhain approaches. At this time we seek to connect with the spirits of our Beloved Dead. In doing so, we encounter the roots of our family and world tree, and come to understand ourselves more fully. 

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A Time to Mature

The season shifts, the harvest ripens, it's time to move on. When we remain present with nature's truth and follow the maturing Wheel as it turns through the seasons, change is filled with beauty. 

 Join us on this day to celebrate fourteen years of worship together!

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At this service will bless the animals with whom we share our Earthly journey! There will also be an altar on site where you can place photos, pet toys, collars, leashes, or any item associated with them to be blessed.

Our  grateful hearts fill with love as we contemplate the unconditional love of our animal companions

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An Act of Faith

If we have tended our growth well, the season brings maturity and fruition. At the peak of growth, we begin to reap what we have sown. Uncertain of the future, harvesting is both an act of preservation and the Sun King's great  act of faith in sacrifice. 

What are you sacrificing for your unknown future?

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Father’s Day

The Knights of King Arthur's Round Table embark on a quest for the Holy Grail and scatter like seeds carried by the wind. What they are pursuing is the Goddess! This ancient tale might just as well relay our searching and longing in present time. Join us to examine this myth as it applies today and celebrate and honor our beautiful men in our special Father's Day service!

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