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We are living in those interesting times foretold in antiquity.
With so much to heal, course correct and stand for, the tasks often overwhelm.
But what if instead of trying to do all of them,
we dedicated ourselves to doing one thing beautifully?
Simone La Drumma
and Friends
With Kathy Sestrap
on Piano

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to some techinical isssues, the podcast does not begin immediately upon pressing the play button.  You may need to press play and pause several times before the podcast will begin for you.  Thank you for your dedication in listening.


Shadow and Light

This dark time of year seems very dark, indeed. How shocking to discover what lies hidden and invisible in shadow! When we shine a focused, direct light and really look at what is revealed, we afford ourselves the opportunity to transform and heal and turn this world around.

Some Walls

We ought to be tearing down the walls between us, not building more. At the foundation of peace and harmony stand healthy boundaries. But when a boundary becomes a barrier,  when kindness and compassion are locked away, peace remains at risk. What walls exist around your heart?


We Are the Healing!

The veil between the worlds of the living and the dead thins now, bringing the season of deep connection with our Ancestors. But the holy night of Samhain, All Hallow's Eve, is not the only time our Ancestors have a strong influence on our lives. We carry them with us in our hearts and minds and also in our cellular memory. Sometimes, we carry and live out their sorrows, limitations and fears. How can we be the healing force of Ancestral wounds? How can heal our Ancestors and free ourselves up for joyful living? How can we free our Ancestors so they can truly rest in peace? 

Autumn returns with her cool gentle pull. She beckons us to gather, to stock up, to look inward. The season of transformation brings maturity and the deeper mysteries of death, fallow and gestation on the Wheel of the Year.  As the equinox approaches and we turn toward the lengthening nights, we'd do well to walk with grace and gratitude, to bring humor and humility, to foster love and light in the darkness.

For the Highest Good

The season of harvest is upon us!  
Mother' Nature's bounty is coming to fruition. 
The Sun begins to wane in the early Autumn sky. 
Our awareness turns towards gratitude 
as we contemplate the mystery of sacrifice. 
Whether we are sacrificing the beans on the vine in the garden, 
or a way that we think or behave, 
this time on the Wheel asks us to consider:
what will we sacrifice for the highest good of all?

In the Moment!

Each moment in time leaves it's signature on our hearts and souls. Some moments are more powerful than others, but when we stay present to each and every one, we claim a more peaceful way of living.

The height of the solar year approaches, a glorious moment of radiance and power. What might be possible if we learn to stay in the moment?


On a Mission

Sometimes, often, the difference between merely existing and truly living is feeling on purpose. We are all here for good reason. What if we held  the thing we love most to do in this world, the thing we most value, as our mission? 
What is the mission for your life?

Susan DuMett and Inѐs Andrade-Maricle
Luminosas focus on the power and beauty of the human voice as a means for healing and transformation


Ah, Love! One thing we know, no matter what, we love. Even when we have been terribly wounded and our hearts have been broken, we still love. We can’t help ourselves. We love. We are wired to love. Our love can be familial, or romantic, or altruistic, it can be pristine, it can be tainted, it can be conditional, it can be wary, it can gush, it can trickle, but still we love. And that, I believe, is because we are made of that precious stuff!


All Aboard

Jan. 1 is merely another day on the continuum.
And yet the new year brings a sense of beginnings, of starting over.
There's another train. There always is.
All aboard!

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