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Setting the Tone!

A new year is full of promise and hope, plans and schemes.
We want to start anew and make the changes we desire.
The way we make those changes
is as important as the changes themselves.
How do we set the right tone for harmony in our future?

Rev. Judith Laxer



Through the Dark

Nights are long now, and darkness abounds in season. Natures' darkness brings restoration after the long, active seasons in the sun. But the cultural darkness, erupting in hatred and violence, is deeply disturbing. How do we keep our light kindled and our hearts strong enough to dis-empower our fears and stay loving?

Rev. Judith Laxer
6869 Woodlawn Ave. NE. #112
Seattle, WA 98115

Seasoned with Gratitude

Lifting our hearts in gratitude elevates our experience from mundane to sacred. In this season of harvest and bounty and sharing, partake of a feast seasoned with gratitude.

Rev. Judith Laxer



The Buck Stops Here!

We carry the memories of our Ancestors in our DNA. What some of us have always felt as 'cellular memory'. Conscious of this, we can choose to halt dysfunctional patterns and thereby heal our Ancestors, ourselves and the world.

The Life Below!

The Life Below

Myths have much to teach us about our world and ourselves. How do we integrate the wisdom from antiquity to healthily inform the present? What do Demeter, Persephone, Hades and Hecate have to tell us about balancing life's dramatic twists and turns?

How does the life below support the life above?   

Rev. Judith Laxer




Advocate for Gaia

Mother Earth's love for us is unconditional. She provides everything: our food, our clothing, our shelter. She delights us with Her diverse beauty. As citizens of Gaia, how can we best serve our precious planet that serves us so completely?

A Heart on Fire!

These times require a well grounded courage. It is heart time. Time to locate the fire our hearts contain. In this season of retrograde planets and eclipses, we will look above and see how it relates to below.

The world needs loving and compassionate men in leadership. At this service, we examine the present cultural changes affecting us all, and honor the men in our lives who lead with the heart, act from the soul, and radiate the strength of generosity and graciousness.

The Future is Female

The world needs strong and empowered women in leadership. Women need acknowledgement so they don't keep talking themselves out of their power. Women, you are invited to be honored at this service. Men, you are invited to honor the women. And Everyone In Between, you are invited for all the same reasons! Empowered women are the mothers of the future!

Rev. Judith Laxer




April brings our awareness to the state of our planet on Earth Day. The quality of humility asks us to cultivate a lack of false pride, to engage in reciprocity, to remember we are a part of something greater
and more important than we can ever be as individuals.

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