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All Aboard

Jan. 1 is merely another day on the continuum.
And yet the new year brings a sense of beginnings, of starting over.
There's another train. There always is.
All aboard!

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We are part of the eternal continuum of life longing for itself. This primal desire births through us in all our creations. We are channels for life manifesting, the answer to a deep and ancient longing.  
Join us on Mother's Day this Sunday as we specifically honor all those of the female persuasion, whether or not they are biological mothers. Raise your voice with us as we sing their praises!

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An Act of Faith

If we have tended our growth well, the season brings maturity and fruition. At the peak of growth, we begin to reap what we have sown. Uncertain of the future, harvesting is both an act of preservation and the Sun King's great  act of faith in sacrifice. 

What are you sacrificing for your unknown future?

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Let it Be!

The year draws to a close. Yuletide preparations are in full swing as we await the return of the Sun. We reflect on the past year to assess the good and the bad. And when all is said and done, we find there is nothing more to do than to let it be.

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We Are the Medicine!

Something new this month! Using Nicki Scully's guided meditation, we will journey between the worlds for Alchemical Healing. Our collective intention will bring  a nectar of healing love for ourselves, our loved ones and Gaia Herself!

And a reminder --  December's service will begin at 10:00 am at The George Center for Community.

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