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Archive for August 2016

For the Highest Good

The season of harvest is upon us!  
Mother' Nature's bounty is coming to fruition. 
The Sun begins to wane in the early Autumn sky. 
Our awareness turns towards gratitude 
as we contemplate the mystery of sacrifice. 
Whether we are sacrificing the beans on the vine in the garden, 
or a way that we think or behave, 
this time on the Wheel asks us to consider:
what will we sacrifice for the highest good of all?

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In the Moment!

Each moment in time leaves it's signature on our hearts and souls. Some moments are more powerful than others, but when we stay present to each and every one, we claim a more peaceful way of living.

The height of the solar year approaches, a glorious moment of radiance and power. What might be possible if we learn to stay in the moment?

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